BTX-6040A+BM-6040Sleeve shrink wrapping machine

It is suitable for mass shrink packaging of beverage, beer, mineral water ,carton, etc. this machine adopts “PLC” programmable program and intelligent touch screen configuration to realize the integration of machine and electricity, automatic feeding, wrapping film, sealing and cutting, shrink, cooling and finalizing automatic packaging equipment without manual operation. The whole machine can be connected with the production line without human operation.

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The main technical parameters

1. The built-in Omron PLC programmable controller has the functions of safety protection and fault alarm, which improves the operation stability of the machine.

2. The sealing and cutting knife adopts American Dupont Teflon anti-stick coating, the sealing won't crack and won't coking; Sealing cutter with automatic protection function, can prevent the wrong cutting packaging.

3. Sensor feeding film, greatly reduce the loss of film.

4. Using Omron digital display temperature controller, can set the temperature, sealing and cutting temperature is very sensitive and accurate.

5. Automatic feeding, bag-making length is automatically controlled by the combination of sensor and timer.

6. According to production requirements for different products replacement, modular design, more convenient replacement.

7. BM-6040 adopts double blower motor, heat is evenly heated in the furnace cavity, and the shrinkage effect is more beautiful.

8. Adopt frequency converter to control transmission speed and stepless speed regulation.

9. Adopt roller conveyor belt and roller outer heat-resistant silicone tube, each of which can rotate freely to achieve the best shrinkage effect.

Technical parameter






3Phase 220V,380-460V/50-60Hz

Max packing size





15 meters/min

Air pressure



Conveyor width



Max current



Shrink tunnel size



Machine size



Machine weight



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